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An ester with emollient properties for the skin and hair. Promotes rejuvenation of skin cells.

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Prevents the skin from free radical damage. Alcohol In chemistry, an alcohol is any organic compound in which a hydroxyl group -OH is bound to a carbon atom of an alkyl or substituted alkyl group. Of those, ethanol C2H5OH is the type of alcohol found in alcoholic beverages, and in common speech the word alcohol means, specifically, ethanol.

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The most common method to produce alcohol is by fermentation of sugars eg the sugar of the grapes is transformed by fermentation into ethanol to make wine. Ethanol is geneally avoided in cosmetic formulations. It is not a harmful ingredient but if it is used in high percentage can dry the skin as it forms azeotropes with water. In our formulations is used in After Shave Balm for sanitation of the skin.

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It can also be found in traces in a few other formulations. In this case it is carried through other ingredients of the cosmetic formulation.

Alcohol Denat Alcohol Denat.

Sexul este o parte integranta a oricarei relatii

Alcohol Denat. Allantoin It is used in hand creams, hand lotions, hair lotions, after save lotions, and other skin soothing cosmetics because of its ability to help heal wounds and skin ulcers and to stimulate the growth of healthy tissue.

It has a hydrating and soothing effect, and it is most commonly used in moisturizing products and sunscreens. The Plant Aloe Vera is a stemless or very short-stemmed succulent plant which only grows to cm in tall.

The leaves are lanceolate, thick and fleshy, green to grey-green, with a serrated margin. The flowers are produced on a spike up to 90 cm 35 in tall, each flower pendulous, with a yellow tubular corolla cm long.

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Aloe Vera is relatively easy to care for in cultivation in frost-free climates. The species requires well-drained sandy potting soil and moderate light.

It has a long history of cultivation throughout the drier tropical and subtropical regions of the world, both as an ornamental plant and for herbal medicine. Aloe Vera is used externally to treat various skin conditions such as cuts, burns and eczema. Sap of Aloe vera eases pain and reduces inflammation. Aloe Vera fat lady sunburn is useful for dry skin conditions, especially eczema around the eyes, and sensitive facial skin.

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Researchers at the University of Miguel Hernandez in Alicante, Spain, have developed a tasteless, odorless and colorless gel based on Aloe Vera that fat lady sunburn the conservation of fresh produce, such as fresh fruit and legumes.

This natural product is a safe and environmentally-friendly alternative to synthetic preservatives such as sulfur dioxide. Alumina serves as an insoluble carrier for mineral pigments.

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Alumina is not absorbed through the skin and is approved for use in Natural and Organic personal care. Aluminum Tristearate A natural derived material whιch acts as a viscosity controlling and emulsion stabilizing agent.

It has also lubricating properties. It is used for nutritive and cosmetic properties.


Argan oil has become increasingly popular for cosmetic use. Since Argan oil is full of vitamins and antioxidants, it is commonly used in hair shampoos and conditioners to repair damage caused by coloring and straightening treatments, hair care tools, and even the sun.

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Arginine Arginine is a conditionally nonessential amino acid, meaning most of the time it can be manufactured by the human body, and does not need to be obtained directly through the diet. The biosynthetic pathway however does not produce sufficient arginine, and some must still be consumed through diet.

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Individuals who have poor nutrition or certain physical conditions may be advised to increase their intake of foods containing arginine. When combined with glycolic acid delivers all the benefits associated with alphahydroxy acids including exfoliation, increased cell turnover, skin firming and reduced hyperpigmentation. But arginine does this without the stinging, itching and burning often associated with acid resurfacing.

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Oat flower makes a bland ointment for cosmetic treatments, including soothing baths. B A co-emulsifier and viscosity controler. Benzyl Alcohol It is a colorless liquid with a mild pleasant aromatic odor.

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Benzyl alcohol is used as a Mild bacteriostatic preservative at low concentration in intravenous medications. Betaine A natural skin and hair conditioning.

Prevents static electricity from building-up. A foam and viscosity booster. In cosmetics and personal care products, Fat lady sunburn is used primarily in the formulation of hair conditioners, grooming aids, shampoos and moisturizing agents. Biotin improves the texture of creams and adds body and shine to hair.

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Biotin has moisturizing and smoothing properties and can also help improve brittle nails. Widely used in food and vitamin supplements, Biotin plays a role in cell growth. Biotin deficiency may lead to hair loss, skin rash, high cholesterol and heart problems. Nuts, liver, soybeans and fish are rich dietary sources of Biotin. Bisabolol Naturally occurs in chamomile.

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It is an anti-irritant. The CIR Expert Panel concludes this is a safe ingredient in the present practices of use and concentration. Butyl Methoxydibenzoylmethane It is a white or pale yellow synthetic pierderea în greutate și mamografia anormală. It is used as a UVA absorber in sunscreen products.

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