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Filled with cafés, shops, movie houses, restaurants, galleries, and hotels, this is also the transportation hub for subway and RER transfers. Visits to Notre-Dame and Sainte-Chapelle are musts. Explore the back streets between Boulevard Saint-Germain and the Seine for a sampling of avant-garde galleries and bookstores.

There are scores of excellent and charming hotels and restaurants here, but be prepared to pay for quality and style. Artists and craftspeople have their workshops in the many alleys and courtyards of the area. Oberkampf is the latest area to explode with hopping nightlife. The area is expensive and somewhat ruined by the arrival of international clothing and fast-food chains.

The walk between the Arc de Triomphe at Étoile and Place de la Concorde, where Marie-Antoinette lost her head, will be memorable, day or night. The Louvre and the Tuileries Gardens, included in this area, are essential stops for dolphin eco slim instruccions Paris visitors. The area is quiet at night and sometimes a bit too sedate for visitors wishing for the excitement of street life.

Although upscale and pricey today, these cafés continue to attract the cultural crowd and are worth visiting. The area is filled with small hotels, regional restaurants Breton crêpes shopsand stores. The view is breathtaking. Once a village unto itself, today it attracts both Parisians and visitors for its charming little streets around the striking Sacré Cœur Basilica, its tiny restaurants, and art-lined Place du Tertre.

Pigalle is dotted with porn shops and sex shows.

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Place Blanche is celebrated for its prostitutes and transvestites. In the summer, the area is overrun with busloads of tourists from Germany, England, and Holland. Outer Arrondissements Here we have grouped other hotels, restaurants, attractions, and nightlife worth visiting that fall outside the inner arrondissements.

Each arrondissement is its own political entity, with a mayor and district government. Every Paris postal code address begins with 75, the number of the state or department, followed by the arrondissement number.

For example, indicates the 1st arrondissement of Paris, and is the 20th arrondissement of Paris. A dolphin eco slim instruccions tip on French addresses: Street numbers running north—south begin at the unofficial T I P Seine and increase as they move away from The arrondissements are it. Odd and even numbers on a street do not organized starting in the always fall opposite or even very near each middle of the city and other.

If you see a street address with the letcircling like a whirlpool ters bis or ter after the number, the address clockwise. Finally, the French are accusate yourself easily. Example: 23, rue de Rivoli.

Okay, so Paris has arrondissements, but how are they different? There are extremely charming spots in almost every area of Paris, and every arrondissement enjoys subway Métro access. Unlike other large cities, Paris is very dense and the distances are not overwhelming. The distance between subway stops in Paris represents a five- to ten-minute walk. The scale of Paris permits active visitors to cross most of the city by foot.

In short, the Seine River cuts Paris in half, along an east—west axis.

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The Left Bank today can be as upscale as the traditionally more bourgeois Right Bank. You may decide to stay on the Left Bank, but there are equally attractive offerings on the Right Bank.

So although some people prefer one over the other, there are great locations to be found on dolphin eco slim instruccions sides of the river. There is no shame in being a tourist. In fact, the best way to visit Paris is as a tourist. The negative images the word conjures come from the early days of group travel, when Europe became accessible to culturally insensitive mobs. Les bises lay beezhowever, that funny but tender ritual of planting a succession of tiny pecks on the right and then left cheek of the man or woman you are greeting, is tantamount for Parisians to the Anglo-Saxon handshake or backslap.

Each Parisian has his or her habit, style, and number, ranging between two and four. Parisians who have migrated from the south of France or other provinces may tend to use the more loquacious and elaborate succession of three or four kisses.

Come into a room with 11 cousins and three sets of close friends and their flock of kids, and be prepared to buckle down for a good ten minutes of facial gymnastics. The country is a republic, divided into 22 regions of which the Île de France is one with Paris at its center. Within these 22 regions there are 96 states or départements.

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Population of France 64, Population of Paris 2. French National Independence Day 14 July, dating back to when the Bas- tille dolphin eco slim instruccions stormed and independence was won from the monarchy.

Voting Age Driving age: Drinking age: 18 16 for beer and wine. Chief of State President, elected by popular vote for a five-year term. Store Hours Generally 9 a.

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Banking Hours Although these vary from bank to bank, hours are most often 9 a. Some branches are closed from noon or p. Caution: Clocks are not pushed ahead and set back on the same days as in North America, so each year there are a few weeks in which Paris time is either 5 or 7 hours ahead of the U. Electric Current W.

Official Language French. English is spoken in large hotels, many businesses, and in the tourist trade. There are more thanpermanent AngloAmerican residents in Paris.

Currency The euro, which replaced the French franc in January Geographic Location 48°58' N latitude, 2°27' E longitude. Size of Country Approximately the size of Texas. Form, as you know, is everything in Paris, and so much of French form—language, gestures, attitudes, responses, even politics—begins poutfully with the lips. They are not bothered by human proximity or touching.

So take it from someone who has dished out at least 21, pairs of bises and has shaken handstimes often with the exact same Parisians in odd years in the French capital—practice les bises before arriving. A final word to the wise: when in doubt, keep shaking hands. Otherwise you risk being perceived as too familiar too quick, which can be a real turnoff in Paris.

And that, mes amis, is a whole dolphin eco slim instruccions lesson. However, in writing numbers and prices, the French use commas where you use decimal points. The euro maintains this style. Lutetia spread to the Left Bank, which took on the name the Latin Quarter. It is believed that the site of present-day Paris was a stoppingoff point between Marseilles and Britain along an dolphin eco slim instruccions trading route.

The western Frank kingdom of Neustria was referred to by the end of the ninth century as Francia, which became France.

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Over time, the residents of Francia looked to the governors of this kingdom for political direction. Hugh Capet emerged as ostensibly the first king of Francia and the founding monarch to rule France.

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Under the reign of Philippe-Auguste, a wall was erected around the city. The principal streets were paved in cobblestone pavé in Frenchand the first bridges joining the Right and Left banks were built.

Notre-Dame was erected on Île de la Cité inand the university sector on the Left Bank was conceived inwith the Université de Paris becoming the primary theological and philosophical center in medieval Christianity. Here was where Bonaventure, Thomas Aquinas, and dolphin eco slim instruccions taught.

The Palais Royal functioned as the political core of the capital.

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Joan of Arc besieged the city in while Paris was under the rule of the English, and in the legitimate monarch Charles VII took control. But to glorify the monarchy, under the auspices of the famed Colbert, great additions were made to Paris: the colonnade of the Louvre, Les Invalides, the arches at the Portes Saint Denis and Saint Martin, the Place Vendôme, and many other points of great architectural beauty. The arts and music flourished in the city, and the logical next step in urban development was the creation of the café, a place for intellectuals, writers, and artists to meet.

Business, banking, and commerce gained an increasingly important foothold, and property prices rose steadily.

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Interest and development of the law as a discipline mounted. A group of thinkers called the Encyclopédistes met and gained influence, contending that all knowledge was finite and could be catalogued and distributed.

The city expanded to the west and north, and by the time of the French Revolution inthe population had risen to cum să pierdeți grăsimea cu fiara corpului, within the city walls.

At first popular, the couple made rather damning publicrelations errors, and those, combined with harsh conditions, food shortages, and inept governing, sparked public revolts and riots. Inspired by the American Revolution and the ideological concept of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, revolution broke out.

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The First Republic dates from to and was followed by the reign of Napoléon Bonaparte, under a regime called the Consulat echoing the Romans. The monarchy returned to power from to with the Bourbons. The next 20 years are called the Second Empire. Then in the French installed the Third Republic and ended the monarchy for good.

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The markets, public high schools lycéesand slaughterhouses were developed. The Madeleine and the Pantheon were built, and the sewer system was installed. This popular general as emperor profoundly modified the legal code and administrative structure of France.

After an eventful rise and fall from power, Napoléon regained power in only to be defeated the same year at the Battle of Waterloo.

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He abdicated and was sent by the British to the island of Saint-Hélène, where he died in His son, Napoléon II, succeeded him. It was the Second Empire, under Napoléon III Louis-Napoléon Bonaparte, the nephew of Napoléon Ithat gave Paris its new look, with the creation of a centralized administration and economic, social, and cultural services. Vast parks on both sides of the city were created, Bois de Vincennes for the poor and Bois de Boulogne for the richand numerous new bridges and the Opéra Garnier were erected.

Early Middle Ages — Clovis makes Paris his capital.

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Charlemagne abandons Paris. The Capetians 12th century— Notre Dame and Sorbonne are built. Henri VI is crowned king of France.


Île de St. Louis is developed. Treaty of Versailles is signed. Louis XVI is executed. Napoléon Bonaparte creates the police system. Napoléon is coronated at Notre-Dame. The Restoration — Battle of Waterloo.

The Fall of Louis-Philippe. The Second Republic — World Exhibitions in and Town planning is undertaken by Baron Haussmann. The Paris Commune is suppressed.

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World Exhibition at the new Eiffel Tower. First Métro line opens in Paris is occupied by the Germans in June Liberation of Paris, August 25, The Fourth Republic — De Gaulle forms provisional government. Second wave of expatriate writers and artists settles in Paris.

France confronted with Algerian war for independence. The Fifth Republic —present General strikes in Building of the Périphérique in Pompidou Center opens in Socialist President Mitterrand wins in Jacques Chirac elected in Nicolas Sarkozy elected in The Prussians then besieged the city. In the Moulin Rouge opened in Clichy.

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Cabarets opened, and the Sacré Cœur Basilica was erected. The dolphin eco slim instruccions treaty to end the war was signed in Paris. Art Deco flourished, and the Paris Métro expanded. France was partitioned, and Philippe Pétain led the Vichy Government. By July large numbers of French Jews had been gathered up and deported to Nazi concentration camps, and France saw a political and social rift between the Resistance fighters and those who collaborated with the Germans, a wound from which the country has never fully healed.

Paris stabilized and regained its position as the capital of fashion, style, and art. A second wave of expatriate writers and artists settled in the City of Light, repelled by the repressiveness and conservative mood in the postwar United States. In the late s and s, the Saint-Germain-des-Prés dolphin eco slim instruccions of Paris became the headquarters of leading French intellectuals, led by the existentialist Jean-Paul Sartre and Simone de Beauvoir.